AKT II, ENCODE, and Chaos among the presenters at the November 2023 Grasshopper UK UGM.

Simply Rhino at AKT II for the latest Grasshopper User Meeting, with presentations from our hosts, AKT II, and invited guests ENCODE and Chaos.

  • Date: Tuesday 28th November 2023
  • Time: 18:30-20:30
  • Location: AKT II, 1 Old Street Yard, London, EC1Y 8AF

Presenters at the Grasshopper UK Meeting include:

AKT II company logo

The AKT II presentation will show the workflow of three case projects where Grasshopper and computation were crucial at various stages in providing the necessary inputs for delivering either manufacturing drawings or running structural analysis.

Presenting for AKT II are:

Black and White headshot photo of Danae Polyviou from AKT II.

Danae Polyviou is currently an Associate Team Leader at the P.Art engineering team at AKT-II. She has worked in Stuttgart and Berlin for a few years before moving to London.  She is also a Course Lecturer at the Architectural Association (AA), AADRL and the Bartlett School of Architecture- UCL. She has tutored at the RCA, Westminster and Cardiff Universities and is a guest critic at IAAC Barcelona. She has led and participated in workshops such as the Shape to Fabrication, Smart Geometry, AAG and research workshops. Danae has studied Civil & Architectural Engineering at the University of Bath and received a master on Membrane Structures in Germany.  

Black and White Headshot of Inés Brotons Morrell from AKT II.

Inés Brotons Borrell is a computational designer at AKT-II engineering consultancy based in London and worked as a facade designer at Schneider facade company based in Stimpfach, Germany. She holds a master’s in Architecture by the Polytechnic University of Catalonia UPC and a MSc in Architectural Computation by The Bartlett School of Architecture UCL.

Black and White Headshot of Selim Helse Morrell from AKT II.

Selim Helse is a computational designer at AKT-II based in London. Prior to his role in London, he garnered valuable experience in Dubai, where he contributed to various architectural projects and master plans. Selim has a MArch from the Architectural Association – Design Research Laboratory programme and graduated with distinction.

Images Credit @ AKT II

ENCODE – Design & Technology Founded in 2021 by Federico Borello and Massimiliano Manno, ENCODE is a dynamic firm driven by passion for innovative problem-solving in the AEC industry. 

ENCODE is on a mission to bridge the gap between Design and Construction through Computation and Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA) processes, enabling the collaborative integration of the expertise and demands of the various project stakeholders.

ENCODE co-founder, Federico Borello, will present Towards Construction Aware Design. Federico will explain how architectural design and traditional documentation are translated into sets of information which can be consumed efficiently by off-site manufacturers in factory environments and delivered to site for assembly.

The primary objective of this approach is to transform the industry into a product-focused domain by leveraging technology transfer from the aerospace and automotive sectors, with the goal of designing and delivering a more sustainable built environment.

Headshot of Federico Borello

Federico Borello is a registered Architect (OAT and ARB), currently based in London. He is the co-founder and Director of ENCODE – Design & Technology, a consultancy practice for Architects, Engineers, Manufacturers and Contractors to develop and deliver innovative projects from early design stages to construction, leveraging state-of-the-art virtual construction technologies and DfMA processes.

Federico worked for over 4 years in London as Senior Architect at Zaha Hadid Architects in the CODE group (Computation and Design), with a core focus on digital fabrication and structure aware geometries, robotic assisted manufacturing and 3d printing. He also worked in Italy with Cesare Griffa Architects, Camerana & Partners and Gufram. 

Images Credit @ ENCODE – Design & Technology

Innovations in Rendering: V-Ray’s Impact on Rhino & Grasshopper presented by skilled CG specialist Yavor Stoikov from Chaos.

Yavor will cover a broad spectrum of the latest and upcoming improvements in Rhino and Grasshopper. He’ll demonstrate the latest features such as new decals, enmesh, and scatter functionalities.

Additionally, Yavor will offer a sneak peek into the upcoming developments, discussing new VRScene compatibilities, simplified cloud rendering controls, enhanced animation capabilities, and the integration of volumetric effects in Grasshopper.

This session will highlight the present innovations and upcoming developments of V-Ray in Rhino and Grasshopper. The floor is open for questions, discussion, and feedback.

Yavor Stoikov joined Chaos’ 3D team in 2010 as a 3D artist. He developed into a skilled CG Specialist, proficient in demonstrating, training, and implementing Chaos products and services. With his architectural background, Yavor also contributed to the V-Ray Training Program as a Master V-Ray Licensed Trainer.

Today, Yavor travels globally, meeting artists and companies in the AEC and M&E industries, helping users optimize their technical workflows with Chaos products, and supporting presales efforts. Yavor remains a key contributor to technical content and media at Chaos.

The Grasshopper UK User Group Meetings are Organised by Simply Rhino

Meeting Sponsored by Chaos and BEAM