In this Simply Rhino KeyShot video tutorial Phil Cook looks at 3D Paint, a new feature in KeyShot 11.

Image shows a flat circular object 3d modelled in Rhino3D and rendered in KeyShot using the 3D Paint feature to show the realistic ageing and corrosion to the blue metal finish.

3D Paint allows for painting directly onto a 3D object. This is a great way to add dirt, ageing, corrosion and other arbitrary textures onto local areas of geometry.

Phil uses the example of a metal casting, modelled in Rhino 7, and shows step-by-step methods for adding dirt, corrosion and paint wear in KeyShot 11 using 3D Paint. Phil also shows how to set up the initial model in Rhino 7 to ease the process.

KeyShot 11 – 3D Paint Video Tutorial

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KeyShot 11 Trial Version

If you’d like to try KeyShot 11 for free then you can download a trial version below, just choose your KeyShot 11 installer platform and follow the instructions:

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  • Log into your KeyShot Cloud Account, or create a new account if you do not already have one
  • Select ‘Activate with a trial code
  • Enter your Trial code as: SIMPLYRHINOKSTRIAL