Rhino 8 is here and one of the great new features of this latest version of Rhino software is ShrinkWrap.

What is ShrinkWrap in Rhino 8?

The ShrinkWrap command creates a watertight mesh from geometry that is less than optimal. Any combination of surfaces, solids, meshes or SubD’s – whether they are open or closed – can be used. ShrinkWrap will also create meshes directly from a point cloud.

Image shows 3 versions of a rabbit CAD model. The first version shows a scan of the rabbit using point cloud data, the second shows the data being processed using the ShrinkWrap command in Rhino 8, the final rabbit is the resulting image.

What is ShrinkWrap ideal for?

ShrinkWrap is the tool you could reach for within Rhino 8 to create:

  • Meshes for 3D printing
  • A solid union mesh from multiple objects
  • A solid mesh from 3D scan data fragments
  • Meshes without internal self-intersections
  • Offset meshes for shelling
  • Meshes from point clouds when reverse engineering
  • Valid closed meshes from broken or often hard-to-repair geometry

ShrinkWrap Video Tutorial

In this Simply Rhino video Phil Cook starts by looking at the basics of the ShrinkWrap command before looking at two specific examples both of which are based on real-life customer examples.

Watch the Rhino 8 ShrinkWrap Video

More New Features and Commands of Rhino 8

We hope you enjoyed our ShrinkWrap video, another feature of Rhino 8 that we take a deep-dive in to is SubD Crease, and if you’re looking to use Rhino 8 for Mac then you will find our Rhino 8 for Mac Speed Improvements video useful.

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