SubD Crease is one of the Simply Rhino teams favourite new commands in Rhino 8.

3D CAD drawing of a concept car. The purpose of the image is to show a new software command feature in Rhino 8 software called SubD Crease. The image we see is of a silver coloured roadster style sports car pointing towards us.

What is SubD Crease?

SubD Crease introduces weighted creases to Rhino, these allow for soft, defined transitions to be added to a SubD form without increasing complexity.

Close up CAD drawing of a car wheel arch modelled in Rhino3D software. We see a silver coloured car and we are shown measurements of degrees on the wheel arch which demonstrate a command in use by the person modelling the car.

What’s in our SubD Crease Video Tutorial?

In this Simply Rhino video Phil Cook, our Senior Rhino trainer, starts by explaining the new command on a simple example and comparing this to the older Rhino 7 workflow, before moving on to a practical example of an automotive sketch model. Here, Phil demonstrates adding and controlling character lines to the model and how the new SubD Crease command allows for easy iteration at the design stage. There’s also some general tips on SubD layout and creating a custom display mode.

A red sports car modelled in Rhino software shown with a black background and a reflection.

Watch the Rhino 8 SubD Crease Video

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