In our latest video tutorial Phil Cook, Simply Rhino’s Senior Rhino trainer, looks at rendering an architectural interior with Rhino 8.

Rendering with Rhino 8, for beginners

This beginner level video looks at creating an interior architectural visual in Rhino 8 using the built-in Sun and Sky system and Rhino’s Raytrace render engine.

How to apply library and custom materials

The video commences by introducing a method of setting up the interior perspective view by controlling Rhino’s camera widget before moving on to look at applying both library and custom materials to scene elements.

Rhino 8 Sun and Sky Render – Connecting the sun and sky

Phil then looks at setting up the Sun as a source of direct illumination and replacing the default environment with the Physical Sky model in order that the sun and sky are connected.

Raytrace Render Engine

The final render is then created with the Raytrace render engine and Phil outlines how to use post effects to improve the exposure, and how to export a transparent background in order that the colour-ramp sky can be easily replaced with a photographic image in subsequent editing.

Watch the Rhino 8 Sun and Sky Render Video

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