Formlabs News Announcement from Simply Rhino

We are pleased to announce that Simply Rhino are now official resellers for Formlabs materials and Printers.  After some years of research Simply Rhino settled on the Form 2 as a great fit for a large proportion of their Rhino customers from across the UK, Senior Rhino software Instructor Phil Cook comments further:

“For many years Rhino has been a key tool for our customers in design and engineering to accurately develop designs from initial concept to final production. For many of these creative businesses and individuals, the ability to rapidly create prototype parts whether for aesthetic consideration or engineering validation is essential. Until recently the choice for high quality 3D printing was either to invest in bulky expensive equipment or to use a bureau, as affordable smaller desktop printing solutions lacked the necessary reliability or resolution and very often both. The Form 2 from Formlabs brings reliable, high quality 3D printing to the desktop at an affordable cost and allows for production in a variety of resins. Print-ready, watertight models can be made and verified in Rhino and exported easily to the Formlabs PreForm software.”

Simply Rhino have a dedicated Formlabs Showroom in London, where they hold stock of Form 2 Printers plus Resins and other consumables.