The original inspiration for the Seedpod was born from our work in the public sector. Where we found that there was often tension between the need for privacy, pressure on space, and constraints on budgets. Specifically we wanted to help NHS health professionals serve their patients and staff better. So we designed the Seedpod, a portable private space where professionals and patients could meet for privacy, one-to-one conversations, mindfulness and more.

We soon realised that what works in one complex environment can be valuable in others. Seedpods now provide private, calming space for innovators, place makers, educators and exhibitors.

A beautiful, versatile solution to the universal need for nurture.

Rhino 3D modelling software was used throughout the project, from initial concept design drawings and models used to test various key design fragments to full scale manufacturing 3D models. Rhino 3D software transformed an initial pencil sketch into a fully developed market ready product.