In this first Simply Rhino introductory level Rhino3D video for architectural users, Phil Cook looks at using Rhino like SketchUp, and more specifically ways in which the ‘Push/Pull’ editing method in SketchUp can be emulated in Rhino.

Rhino and Grasshopper Popularity

Rhino is extremely popular in the world of architecture and many of the world’s largest and most well-known architectural, engineering, and integrated design practices use Rhino and Grasshopper in their daily workflow. In this use case Rhino is often associated with the creation and development of challenging and complex curved geometry.

Rhino Software also Ideal for Smaller Practices

Despite this association with large studios and complex geometry, Rhino is an ideal software for smaller and owner-operated practices – those who are, for example, using AutoCAD LT for 2D work and SketchUp for 3D modelling. Indeed, Rhino is a compelling alternative to this combination, offering an integrated environment with a full suite of 2D drafting tools and real, manufacturable surface and solid geometry that can be exchanged with Revit and all the major industry standard tools.

Taking 2D Plans into 3D Space

In the video, using the example of a conceptual pre-planning massing study, Phil will show how 2D plans and elevations similar to those in AutoCAD LT can be positioned in 3D space and used as the basis for a quick, SketchUp like, modelling exercise. Along the way Phil introduces some of the basic concepts of selection and editing in Rhino.

Rhino for SketchUp Users Video Tutorial

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