In this video, V-Ray for Rhino v6 GPU and Hybrid Rendering using the PNY Prevail Pro P4000 Mobile Workstation, Phil Cook of Simply Rhino takes a quick look at the Prevail Pro P4000.

The Prevail Pro P4000 is an extremely highly specified mobile workstation from PNY featuring a mobile version of the P4000 GPU with 8GB of memory and 1792 CUDA cores.

Whilst this type of machine may be unnecessary for many Rhino users there are those ‘power users’ that would benefit greatly from this type of machine – typically those wishing to manipulate large models and data sets and those wishing to render quickly with V-Ray for Rhino.

Phil demonstrates how Rhino v6 takes full advantage of the high specification GPU and compares this with Rhino v5 before moving on to look at V-Ray for Rhino version 3.6. This new V-Ray for Rhino service release features enhanced GPU and Hybrid rendering and which when paired with hardware such as the Prevail PRO will significantly reduce render times.

Thanks to for their help in producing this video.