Creating an Architectural Exterior Render in V-Ray 6 for Rhino

In this new Simply Rhino V-Ray video tutorial, part of our new ‘Getting Started with V-Ray’ series, we show how you can simply create, adjust, and render, an architectural scene using V-Ray 6 for Rhino and Rhino 7. This exterior render is complemented by another video in this series that looks at rendering an interior night-time scene.

Image shows a scene rendered using V-Ray for Rhino software. There is a large wide glass 2-storey building with a roof terrace. In the foreground there is grass, shrubs and people.

Popular Rhino Plugin Renderer, V-Ray for Rhino

V-Ray is an industry-standard photorealistic renderer known for its accurate results and fast raytracing. Although V-Ray is a very popular plug-in for Rhino it does have a reputation in some quarters for complexity – however in this video Simply Rhino trainer Phil Cook sets out to show how an architectural scene can be created, adjusted, and rendered with V-Ray for Rhino in just a few simple steps.

Simply Create an Architectural Scene with V-Ray

The video shows how V-Ray can create quick pre-built lighting solutions for the model which can then optionally be adjusted and tailored to suit a particular geo-location and time. Phil will also show how elements such as exposure, lighting, reflections and denoising algorithms can be adjusted in the V-Ray frame buffer without having to re-render the scene.

V-Ray 6 and Rhino 7 – Architectural Exterior Rendering Video

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